Billing Data Analyzer Services
Are you using your data to the fullest?Are you able to obtain clear, guiding operational knowledge from your data? Can you analyze, audit and manage your vendor costs? Audit and analyze your inventory and provisioning issues? Analyze your customer account profitability?

Contact Telecom provides communication service providers a SaaS solution to implement data file processing and business assurance solutions, such as Cost Assurance and Margin Assurance, that saves your company time and money.

Contact Telecom’s SaaS BDA solution consists of the following functionality:

BDA Reader+
Contact Telecom’s BDA Reader+ SaaS provides the fundamental function of deciphering the contents of billing and usage data files and provides comprehensive data analysis and reporting capability of those data files. Know with Reader+ your data is being read accurately and presented in easy to read and use format(s).

BDA Cost Assurance
The BDA Cost Assurance SaaS provides a comprehensive solution by which you can track and process your invoices most efficiently.

Click here to download the Contact Telecom Billing Data Analyzer Overview PDF.

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