The Contact Telecom Advantage
Contact Telecom is about data processing automation – removing the unreliability and headache of manual ad-hoc business systems, be it telecom data repository, cost assurance, margin assurance, customer experience analytics. Automation drives productivity, which will improve your company’s profitability. Contact Telecom’s Billing Data Analyzer solutions ensure ALL your data is collected, managed and validated. BDA’s workflow solution(s) ensures that your business rules are applied, to your data, in a smart, consistent, methodical manner, driving exceptional business efficiencies.

Contact Telecom’s data retrieval, processing, and reporting methodologies embrace automation. The company has automated routines for taking in monthly bills, electronic or paper, confirming the data integrity and presenting accurate reporting to the client within minutes of file receipt. Consolidating many disparate data files to a single database, your ability to manage, mine and control your data is never easier. Know where ALL your data is, and be ABLE to get to it easily, and manage who can access what. Complete control.

Contact Telecom’s SaaS model enables our clients to be the expert in their business and apply the knowledge of their own business processes and cost drivers. We bring the data-processing expertise and guide the client in understanding the data.  Clients can ensure 100% of their invoices are validated, applying BDA audit automation in consistent methodical workflow processes and continuously fine tuning using Contact Telecom’s intuitive interface. This is how Contact Telecom differs from the other cost-assurance vendors in the market. We enable our clients to be the front-line analysts, not data processors. The final output is a payment record for transcription to the Accounts Payable process, and this too is automated.

With Contact Telecom, accurate data reporting is guaranteed. Accurate reporting, of ALL your data from a single database, across your organization improves operational efficiencies, operational knowledge, and allows for better business decisions. Know the underlying data everyone is using is accurate, that the business processes automated in the BDA workflows are consistent, and your business team can be more effective, allowed more time to address strategic tasks.

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