“Contact Telecom’s BDA Cost Assurance solution has enabled us to improve operational efficiencies in our cost assurance, claim management, and financial reporting processes.  Improved operational efficiency in those areas has allowed Broadview to concentrate more of our time and effort on better understanding and strategically managing our costs.

This transition of time and resource from the operational ‘blocking and tackling’ to the more strategic management of our costs has helped us better manage the money we spend with our vendors which is a big step in running a better, more profitable business.” VP – VP Cost Management, National Facilitites Based Service Provider

“We have found Contact Telecom’s service to be very reliable and easy to work with in regards to our reporting needs. Our business requires accurate data reporting and we know we can count on Contact Telecom to deliver accurate invoice parsing and reporting as soon as the data is available to them for processing.

I would recommend Contact Telecom to any Communications Service Provider that requires a trustworthy data processing service bureau.” CTO, Regional Reseller

“We engaged with Contact Telecom to convert our business process from compiling our cost records manually and find the BDA Reader+ reporting to be very effective and a huge time saver.  My team and I are now able to review our invoice data quickly and accurately.  Cost savings were identified early on and prove the value of the Reader.

The web based reporting is easy and intuitive, allowing us to quickly understand the data and to put the reporting to work ourselves.” CPA – Controller, Regional CLEC

“Contact Telecom provides attentive customer support and very effective reporting.  Using Contact’s services, we now share information across many departments in the company and have been able to streamline our business processes, realizing cost savings in both validated cogs and improved employee efficiencies.

I would recommend Contact Telecom’s BDA services to anyone thinking about this type of service.” Controller, mid size CLEC

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