Billing Data Analyzer Overview
Contact Telecom’s BDA is a highly scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables communications service providers the ability to put their telecom data to work. Contact Telecom’s modular-based BDA solutions provide in-depth analysis and actionable insights into billing invoices, usage records, inventory and subscriber billing data, among others, uncovering new areas of savings, growth and profitability. BDA has been improving the business bottom line in any environment, since 1998.With a comprehensive suite of standard, value-add and custom reports, and the flexibility to accommodate the gamut of file formats, Contact Telecom’s BDA platform is the ideal solution to facilitate your revenue and cost assurance programs and to become your tool of choice for billing data auditing and analysis.Contact Telecom’s Software-as-a-Service Billing Data Analyzer solution consists of the following functionality:

Invoice Collection and Reporting
Contact Telecom’s Invoice Collection and Reporting is delivered Software as a Service (SaaS).  The invoice collection and processing of electronic invoice files, is highly automated, with robotic processing, from any source.  Where an invoice file is paper, we will work with your vendor and get this into BDA for your viewing.    With comprehensive monitoring and reporting, BDA tracks the invoice from Expected Receipt to Reporting, so no Invoice is ever late.

BDA Cost Assurance
The BDA Cost Assurance SaaS provides a comprehensive solution by which you can process your invoices most efficiently.  After receipt, the invoice is processed through an invoice workflow where the invoice details are reconciled and validated, discrepancies are flagged by BDA Audits, and then the invoice is routed for review and approval according to your protocol.  Once approved, the invoice is presented to your AP system for payment.

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