Control Costs and Operate More Efficiently with BDA Cost Assurance

BDA Cost Assurance  is a secure SaaS application that facilitates the processing, validation and approval of invoices in a repeatable and controlled fashion.  BDA allows you to manage simple and complex invoice expenses from receipt through to payment approval. BDA’s intuitive user interface provides ease of viewing.  BDA’s extensive robotic process automation relieves you from the tedious repetitive tasks to be more analytical.  This will give you greater visibility into  your invoice data and better control of your invoice validation process.

Simply put, BDA gives you the power to save time, control costs and save money.

With BDA Cost Assurance you can…

  • Invoice Management – track status from not received to paid to cashed
  • Inventory Management – is it your cost ?
  • Auditing – are the invoice values correct ? Inventory, rates, logic.
  • Cost Allocation – assign cost to unique business entities (and backbone)
  • General Ledger Coding – cost category coding, cost trends
  • Integrated Dispute Functionality – creation, submittal, tracking
  • AP Integration – automated feed to/from existing accounting system
  • Review and Approval routing – transparency enhances expense management
Control Your Data Control Your Costs Control Your Processes

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