Invoice Processing Automation from Contact Telecom's Billing Data Analyzer 

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What is Automated

Invoice Processing ?

  1. Invoice Management - Tracking status from capture to process to pay

  2. Processing - Automated validation and normalization of invoice data

  3. Approval Routing - Route invoices to who should review and approve

  4. Invoice Payment Authorization - Enhance invoice approval transparency

  5. AP Integration - Automating feeds both to/ from your existing accounting system 

Have an AP system in place but need better invoice management?

 Enhance your process by implementing BDA to fill the gap without a system overhaul.  BDA SaaS is a quick efficient, and scalable tool perfect for any business type & size.

Put BDA To Work For You!

BDA simplifies your current invoice processing workflow & controls so you don't have to change the way you work.  BDA can sync with your accounting tool including: 


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