Accurate Data Feeds

Contact Telecom leverages its  Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) technology to streamline and automate data collection, processing and system feeds. 


The RPA collects data from thousands of vendor and uses RPA with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to normalize data to fit your specific schema. 


You can use this clean, accurate, normalized data in YOUR very business intelligence reporting tools to drive strategic sourcing and operating decisions. 

How you USE your data is a differentiator, not how you collect it.  Let Contact Telecom collect, process and feed your systems, so you can focus on delivering actionable results to your users. 

CPR | Features - Benefits

CPR Delivers Error Free Data to your System(s) and BI Tools

  Contact’s invoice ingestion is service type agnostic,  addressing many types of Invoices, for example;

  • IaaS invoices: AWS, Azure, Google CE

  • PaaS:  AWS, Azure, Google CE

  • SaaS:  Office365, Salesforce, AWS

  • UCaaS: RingCentral, online meeting services

  • Telecom: wireline, wireless, LEC, Facility, Data

  • Satellite: phone, data, video, hardware, SIM cards

  • Colocation: space rent, utilities, x-connects, other

  • Utilitites: Electric, Fuel, Waste, Water, Space and other

  • Rent, Lease, Taxes

  • PO based invoices; services, remote hands, equipment

  • Third Party Software licensing and Services

  AI automatically normalizes data to your Schema


  Consistent Feed to your System(s) and BI Tool

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