Frequently Asked Questions

What data can be processed using BDA?  Do I need to have special files for this service to work?

BDA processes many different invoice types, from PO to non-PO , all utilities including telecom, electric, etc.  BDA also processes  client specific files such as inventory, CRM, and other client data.  The file formats range from standard telecom formats, carrier proprietary file formats, simple text files, Excel, PDFs, and physical media paper.  We are here to accommodate you not the other way around!

How do I get my invoice files into BDA?

Contact Telecom will collect ALL your invoice files from your vendors for you.  We collect files in many ways.  We pull from vendor FTPs, pull from vendor portals, we receive invoice files via email, and paper from regular mail.  Vendors can also “push” the invoice to our portal.   We will work directly with your vendor, on your behalf, and complete the invoice collection for you.

Do I need to buy special software?

Nope!  Our solution is delivered over the web, and operable using most any web browser.

Do I need to understand programming or technical IT concepts and language to use your service to pull reports?

Nope, we got you covered! The BDA web interface provides a positive user experience with highly intuitive navigation and easy to read reports for the business analyst to use. 

Can I conduct detail in-depth research with the tool?

Heck yes you can!  The search and filter capability in BDA is simple and intuitive to use, and great for research purposes.  The user can create queries in simple English to compare, extract and find the answer to their questions.

Every month, I have to compile a set of reports for my management team, can BDA provide these reports for me?

We sure can!  Provided the data is in the BDA system, we can recreate your specific reports and have the reports delivered to you when you need them.

Can I keep All my invoices in the BDA system?

Yep!  BDA can process and report on all of your invoices.  BDA processes both electronic and paper invoices using a number of robotic automation processes we have developed to support this capability.

Is implementing BDA a complex process?

Nope, not at all!  Since 1998 we have been fine tuning and tweaking our software to make it easy as possible to implement for our customers.  Implementing BDA is as easy as asking us to collect your invoices, your wish is our command.

How can I implement comprehensive business assurance solutions?

Every organization is unique and more than likely at a different level in how they manage and use their data including: invoices, inventory, and revenue.  Prior to implementing a solution be sure to review your current business processes and define your desired end objective.  We are happy to assist you in your review and offer guidance based on our industry experience, as well as based on new data.

I am a small company and I do not have a lot of expenses, why do I need this?

Large or small, your invoices have a wealth of information in them and unless you are using this information, you are losing a competitive edge in the market.  Consistent data import, analysis, and review will drive better business decisions, driving higher margins.

I only have a small accounting group, and we all share the same work files, what advantage does this system offer?

The advantage to using a SaaS solution is everyone can work the invoice, as needed, and at any time.  By implementing the BDA solution, you can ensure that your entire team is working on the most current status of the invoice and/or reports. You do not need to check and re-check who has the most current work product. Our solution will eliminate the need to constantly double check reports and data – saving you time and money.

I like to print and handle the invoice during the review.  Can I still do this ?

Yes, you definitely can!  You can also see all your info, and maybe even more, when viewing the invoice online. BDA parses and captures ALL the invoice data consistently, month after month, using either electronic or paper.  Online, this same invoice can be viewed by multiple users.  Each user can be confident knowing they are viewing the whole invoice, and that nothing is missing or lost.  Sign up for BDA today and we'll throw in a free PAID stamp!

If you have a question that we didn't answer please feel free to ask it below!