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Data Normalization

Data comes in many different layouts. This makes the data hard to compile, analyze and derive trends.

Data normalization involves taking disparate forms of data and manipulating it to create a standard output. This is accomplished by logic behind the scenes that analyzes and categorizes the individual data records.

Data normalization is also important as it allows for streamlining the invoice validation process. Automated checks and balances can easily be configured against a standardized data set.

Does your data look a little skewed due to all the varied formats that you are juggling?

Normalize your invoice data by having BDA collect ALL your invoice data and watch a transformation begin.

At Contact Telecom, we deploy automation to incorporate invoice data from thousands of vendors that results in a consistent data format—BDA Reporting. BDA gives your organization the benefit of having all invoice data in one centralized spot, along with access to the original source file.

BDA Collect-Process-Report allows for comprehensive reporting at the push of a button—with no tweaking or manual intervention required.