BDA (Billing Data Analyzer) is a SaaS solution that automates invoice collection, invoice capture, invoice processing and payment approval.  Applying automation, BDA streamlines end-to-end processing of the invoice.  BDA eliminates clerical tasks, allowing your team to strategically focus on accounting.  BDA drives efficiency, saving your organization time and money.

BDA | Features - Benefits

BDA Automation Drives Efficient Invoice Processing

  Collection & Capture

  •  Highly Automated Data File Collection & Tracking - Know where your invoices are at all times

  • Secure Cloud Access - Access reporting anywhere, and at anytime using our online portal 

  • Extensive Reporting - Produce reports from a variety of canned reports or from our ad hoc reporting tool 

  Invoice Processing

  • Invoice ManagementTrack status from not received, to in process, to approved, to paid

  • Inventory Management - Verify services invoiced tie to your active inventory 

  • Auditing - Configure automated checks and validations

  • Cost Allocation - Assign cost to unique business entities (and backbone)

  • General Ledger Coding - Apply cost categories and identify trends

  • Integrated Dispute Functionality - Create, submit and track vendor disputes 

  • Review & Approval Routing - Customize flows and create transparency ​


  AP Integration 

  • Produce Invoice Data File for AP - Feed invoices approved in BDA directly into existing accounting system to queue invoices for payment

  • Monitor AP Status - Upload posting and payment journals from accounting system back into BDA

  • Report on Invoice Status - Ensure invoices are paid in a timely manner to avoid service disruption

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